Fast fun going by, fast. (page 3)

What a place to have a rest! Soon after this, Ian, Josh and I had what one might call a 'mini race', which was a LOT of fun!
Big Skies!
The crossroads where we really needed a rest and a drink of that cold clean mountain water.
Now, the run back down these hills was EPIC fun. Here were could all feel just how good the suspension is on these well set up adventure bikes.
Ferris The Menace, on the chase.
Lots of easy drops to glide through going down these hills. Too much fun for words I can tell ya!
Dan 'Gimli' Swan making an easy crossing look, eh, easy.
Yours truly, smiling much!
The run back down off the tops. Great fun.
Our nights get-together after the ride. Managed to crank up the old fireplace, too.