Fast fun going by, fast. (page 2)

Josh Martin, no doubt marveling at the ever-present altitude views. It really is a magical place to spin ones wheels...
What's this? A tiny Hobbit-sized hut smack bang in the middle of nowhere. Brilliant. And the stream beside it provided us all with the cleanest coldest water we've drank in an age.
Over the tops, with trails that spanned as far as the eye could see.
Come on, he says, I wanna play!
These rocks are everywhere on the tops in Central Otago. They make great shelter from the wind. They also make great photos...especially with a Husky 501 in it.
The Squatch. At 58 years old, he's still at it with the same determination he had in his younger days.
Hat's off to ya my friend!
Over a mile high, and so were our spirits!
Time to split up and explore a while...
Ey-up, who's going the wrong way here?
My beloved. The great 501.