Evading the Heaving Rain

With a four day holiday coming up, I put together a top of the South Island route for a group of five riders who were able to lock in four days of riding. However, a week out from the start, a front was pushing through and was bringing with it some pretty scrappy weather. I put together a plan B route of the High Country where the front had minimal impact. However, a few days later the front had grown in size and had started spilling over the Main Divide making the High Country rivers impassable.

We were pretty much limited to the East Coast if we wanted to stay away from heaving rain so plan C was put in place. While I’ve spent considerable time riding the Clarence area over the last three years logging the routes for RemoteMoto, there were still a couple of tracks left to explore. This is always an enjoyable place to ride so it was locked in.

At the last minute a couple of riders were pulled back into work so we planned to meet them two days later. So, three of us set off into what could only be described as perfect conditions. Here are some photos from the four days…

We stopped for a quick chat with these two who were on the last leg of a multi-day High Country trek
Spot the goat
Some of the rocky slips that had to be navigated
Back at the hut for tea
Author of this article: RMOTO