D'Urville Island

The wilderness lodge and D'Urville Island is a fabulous group adventure with plenty of roads to explore around the island.

The barge is $150.00 each way so the more the merrier. If you make the wilderness lodge and don't want to ride back up and out you can be rescued from the lodge but it's an extra $150. So $300 to get back.

 The Wilderness lodge is reasonably priced with great food and beverage options


The Island itself is a Grade 2 easy scenic riding.

The track down to the lodge is grade 4 (I would liken it to Porika)

I would recommend Good off-road tyres and good Engine protection as its a steep descent down to the lodge
Photo 2 of D'Urville Island
D'Urville Crossings
Photo 3 of D'Urville Island
D'Urville Crossings

Craig & Christine Aston
03 5765 330 or 021 264 2567
Photo 4 of D'Urville Island
Wilderness Resort
Photo 5 of D'Urville Island
D’Urville Island NZ Wilderness Resort

03 5765 268
Photo 6 of D'Urville Island
Photo 7 of D'Urville Island
Photo 8 of D'Urville Island
Photo 9 of D'Urville Island
Photo 10 of D'Urville Island
Wilderness Lodge Track
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