Dodging Dodgy Rain Clouds

The majority of the South Island was heaving with rain as a result of a fast moving front. There were very little options for riding other than heading as far east as possible. I scratched together a route to GPS log some of the tracks I've been meaning to ride for some time. While it wasn't the best of weather, it was a great fun ride on some excellent tracks.

After camping out in slightly dubious weather, the next day brought blue skies so I looped back home through the High Country. It was a great two days to be on two wheels!

Reference Link : Coopers Lagoon
These little fellows indicate a sign of warmer weather to come :)
Reference Link : Rakaia River Mouth North
Reference Link : Dobbins Bridge
Reference Link : Waikanui Lagoon
Check out the photo of where my tent is, I couldn't have asked for a better spot, plenty of wood for a great campfire :)
Reference Link : Strathearn Bluff
Reference Link : Fighting Hill
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