DirtWise In-Depth 4 Pack DVD Set

Producer's Description: In this box set of the DirtWise In-Depth Instructional DVD series, legendary Offroad racer and acclaimed skills instructor, Shane Watts, explains to you all that you need to know to conquer every trail situation you may be faced with. From roosting through mud bogs, to skimming across sand whoops, nailing a deep corner rut, or ripping an epic two wheel drift, these DVDs have it all! You’ll get four hours of high quality, detailed instruction on crossing monster logs and nasty rock gardens, pulling a mad wheelie, successfully making it to the other side of a deep river, conquering killer hill climbs, and managing to NOT tip over on those treacherous switchback corners on the edge of a cliff. These are just some of the challenging skills taught to you by one of the master’s of Offroad.

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