5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour

Avoiding the New Zealand winter with a riding trip through Australia had been on the cards for a while so the call was made to cement a date into the calendar and make it happen. There were already a couple of starters and it didn't take long to find two more to bring the riding group up to five.

The bike building, planning and preparation began resulting in the following line up of: DRZ400 (Josh from RemoteMoto), XR650R (Mark), 650 Dominator (Jeff), SWM650 (Nigel) and DRZ400 (James)
Planning the route was my department and what a challenge that was. The one month trip aimed to include as many interesting places as possible focusing on the Red Centre and some desert tracks. Finding information on certain parts of Australia had some quality resources to draw upon however some parts either had very little information, outdated/poor information, or in some cases no information at all. Well over 120 hours were spent putting the route together but it was absolutely worth spending that time as the result was a simply spectacular route to ride. For anyone interested in the GPX files of this route, this will be made available once this ride report is complete.
Mark organised the shipping and we ended up hiring our own 20 foot container as it worked out to be more cost-effective. It also meant we could use open pallets and pile in as much gear as we wanted. Thankfully there were no issues with the timing and release of our bikes so our trip kicked off without issue
After picking up our bikes from the shippers, the first task was to sort out compulsory third-party insurance. This turned out to be quite an alien process for the young ladies at the desks and we effectively turned their office upside down with confusion. Thankfully one of the supervisors was familiar with the process and he jumped from counter to counter showing them what to do and we were back on our bikes in a little over an hour
And so the trip began...
...and it did, for a least 8 minutes before Jeff's bike decided it didn't want to go anymore. However 5 minutes of spinning spanners later and we were on our way again
As an astute businessman, Jeff strongly believes in financially supporting the businesses within the country you travel. The method in which he chose to help support Australia was to purchase lots of wine, spirits and beer! Here is Jeff transferring a nice red from a glass bottle to a more travel safe plastic bottle
The first day of riding wasn't much to write home about. Basically 500 km of straight tarmac road from Adelaide to reach Hawker, the start of the good riding entering the Flinders Ranges
We set up camp on day one and were introduced to Nigel's unorthodox method of lighting an MSR gas stove. His method consisted of uncontrollable flames, burnt fingers and lots of swearing. Needless to say it proved entertaining each evening as we cooked our meals
As day two rolled around, this is where the good riding began. In fact it would be safe to say that we all fell in love with the Flinders. What a spectacular place to ride!
Australia's own Great Wall of China
GPX Files
Download the GPX Files
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