5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour (page 9)

Just before reaching Finke
Fuelling up at Finke was one of our first experiences of an Aboriginal community. We discovered that the majority of the shops and fuel services in the communities are operated by transient tourists. For the last nine months this friendly German girl had been working in both the shop and helping out teaching the schoolkids
Just a few kilometres down the road from Finke we headed into Lamberts Geographical centre of Australia. This is a popular destination so the sandy track gets well and truly churned up by four wheel drives. It's only 28km in and out but you get a sweat on when wrestling the bike through the many deep criss-cross ruts
Lamberts Geographical centre of Australia
After departing Lamberts centre, we covered some good ground before reaching our destination that evening and setting up camp. We enjoyed another campfire after what was yet another great day on the bikes
Later that evening I had wander with the camera and tripod
After packing up camp it was off to Kulgera to fuel up
While many of the other outback pubs were covered in foreign notes, Kulgera's theme was hats and bras! At this point the group split again. Mark, James and Nigel were off to Uluru. Jeff and I weren't particularly excited by the thought of 500 km of tarmac so we decided to head to Curtin Springs on dirt tracks via Mulga Park
This was another primarily straight road but it still had plenty of interesting things along the way to keep us amused
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