5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour (page 8)

When we got up to this lookout we were really able to appreciate the awesomeness of the Painted Desert. The photo doesn't do it justice, it's a seriously impressive place in the flesh
Exiting the Painted Desert we headed to the iconic Pink Roadhouse in Oonadatta to fuel up
Further down the track we ended up at our campsite to wind up a brilliant day on the bikes
Another campfire and a starry sky was a fantastic way to wind down the day
While I was out taking some night photos I noticed that if I looked carefully, my LED headlamp reflects the spiders eyes back at me. Scanning the sand around the campsite revealed we were surrounded by hundreds of spiders. Some, like this one, were a reasonable size.

That wasn't the only creature to pay us a visit that evening. Around 2 in the morning I heard footsteps past my tent and a deep angry growling. At what sounded like only a few metres away it started howling. At this point I was trying to figure out if it was just a dingo, or a wild dog calling all of his buddies. Along our travels some locals had told us about large wild dogs packing together and attacking people and that it is a good idea to have a weapon of some description handy just in case.

In my half asleep state I wasn't quite sure whether to be concerned or not. I know most canines can be intimidated by loud noises and aggression so I yelled as loudly and aggressively as I could from inside my tent. It seemed to work and I herd it running away. Because I yelled so loudly it also woke up everyone else in camp, nearly had them leaping through the roof of their tents, and yelling back to me "what the hell are you doing Josh?" After laughing my arse off, I told them our camp was being attacked by a pack of flesh eating, 6 foot tall wild dogs!

While the reality is it was probably just a dingo wondering who was camped up on his turf, I got up to go and find myself a big whacking stick just in case. So did everyone else. In the distance we could hear howling periodically through the night but with the security of big whacking sticks outside our tents, there was no real concern and we all slept well.
This day kicked off into tracks with many long straights sections. The scenery continually changed so it kept things interesting.
Once we hit this section though the terrain changed to fast flowing twisty twin track and it was great fun!
Author of this article: RMOTO