5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour (page 6)

While Farina is a busy place, it does not detract from it being a very interesting place. There is a lot of history in this old town and a local organisation has reinstated the old bakery so we had a nice hot pie for breakfast
One of the locals giving us a presentation of the history and the restoration of the bakery while Nigel smeared his face in pie
Another one of the locals asked Jeff if he was interested in doing a swap for his motorbike. Jeff went for a test ride around the town, but decided he would rather stick with his Honda
After packing the bikes up, we cracked into the Oodnadata Track and visited some interesting things along the way. Nice bike parking Nigel ;)
On this trip each of us had something we wanted to achieve. Nigel had done some research on the Maree Hotel and he really wanted to stop in for a beer and have a look around
I am not one to stand in the way of a good idea and Nigel lined up a beer for us all. Cheers mate!
Another lonely derelict house
The Mutonia Sculpture Park was bizarre and interesting
The cuff of Lake Eyre
As touristy as the Bubbler spring is, it was certainly worth a look
The Oodnadata Track on the whole was quite interesting. It varied in track condition from section to section. Some parts were smooth as silk, others had half foot deep corrugations
That night we had a far more remote campsite and it was great. The moon was out in full force so I had a play with some long exposures
Later that night a dragon appeared from the fire and tried to drag James down into the fiery pits of hell. Luckily Mark had brought along an aerosol can of No-More-Dragons so with a few quick sprays we were able to send the dragon back from whence it came and enjoy the rest of the night in safety
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