5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour (page 5)

Paralana Hot Springs turned out to be dry so while there was nothing really to see at the end of the track, it was still a brilliant ride in
On the way out there were numerous kangaroos and emus running through the bush beside us. The track was so tight and twisty we weren't riding fast enough to for them to present any danger, and it was actually quite cool to be riding so close to them. The kangaroo in this photo was having a snooze in the middle of the track, I don't think he was particularly impressed that we woke him up!
There was one last track to tackle before we made our way to set up camp. It had a few challenging bits that caught a few out. On this section I could have sworn mark was trying to use one of these rocks as a kicker for a backflip. The aerial acrobats looked spectacular however the landing wasn't as polished
After setting up camp and getting a fire going, I pulled out one of the Happy Camper lamb shank meals and oh man it was soooo good. Later on in the trip we spoke to someone who said that the company who makes these meals was looking to shut down. I can't quite understand this as these meals are 10 times better than the dehydrated options such as the Backcountry Meals. Perhaps not as light weight to carry as the dehydrated options, but so much tastier
The next leg took us out of Arkaroola and did a big loop heading east, up and around the top of the Flinders Ranges, then west again and out to Lyndhurst on the Strezlecki Track. It was one of the first sections that started entering more remote country with fewer fuel stations and services
The riding was certainly different from the previous few days. It was mostly long straight roads. Still quite interesting though, and nice to tick along at a good speed and cover some ground
Late in the morning we reached an intersection where the group was going to split up. Nigel and I were going to ride a back road at the foot of the northern end of the Flinders Ranges while James, Mark and Jeff opted to take the Strezlecki Track
The back road was excellent. Lots of twisting gravel track accompanied by a backdrop of the Flinders Ranges to the left
One of the many derelict buildings spotted seemingly in the middle of absolutely nowhere
Now that's a real mailbox!
At the tail end of the track were a few loooong straights before we linked up with the Strezlecki Track and met the others
With the full crew intact again, we all blasted along the Strezlecki Track and out to Lyndhurst. I think we rode just enough of the Strezlecki Track for it to be an enjoyable novelty. I don't think I'd sign up to do the entire stretch of Lyndhurst to Birdsville though
About 20 minutes up the road we reached our destination campsite for the night at Farina Station. From the research I'd done and the photos I'd seen, this was a remote working station campsite that saw very few visitors. How wrong I was! While it looks remote in this photo, we were on the very edge of the campsite. Turn 180 degrees and it was a bustling metropolis with every available space occupied by 4X4 campers. Everyone there was friendly so that was no problem, but this whole trip was about getting away from it all and experiencing the remoteness of Australia. Additionally, enduring 45 minutes of a screaming baby at 3am in the morning was not really what we signed up for! From this point forward we focused on really remote camping spots which improved the evening experience tenfold.
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