5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour (page 3)

It was nice having emus and kangaroos wander past the homestead, quite a novelty for us Kiwis

The day’s riding was fantastic. Tasty challenging tracks, epic views from the tops of the ranges plus lots of interesting stuff to look at along the way. By only day three in the trip, the bar had be set pretty high. 

Before we pushed on from Warraweena, there was a tragedy. Nigel tried to dry his socks by the fire. He was successful, but too successful as he ended up char grilling them. Sadly, Nigel lost four good socks that day. He has never been the same since
Another day of magic weather as we departed Warraweena and headed towards Arkaroola
From the research I did I wasn't expecting too much from the long stretch along Copley Road but it turned out to be quite an enjoyable ride
By around lunchtime we were ahead of schedule so we aimed to slide in an extra track into the route. But, a couple of flat tyres ate into the day so we pulled the pin on the extra bit and stuck to the original route in aim to made camp before sunset
Quite regularly you'll hear people say "everything in Australia wants to kill you". To be fair there is a lot of truth in that statement with regard to the high number of poisonous or dangerous animals in Australia. To add to the concern, along this stretch we had to be cautious of man eating dinosaurs
One of the first thing we noticed about Australian campsites is that pretty much all of them have a number of big solid fire rings. Many of them have BBQ plates attached too. It seems campfires are a big part of Australian camping which is pretty cool as nothing beats an evening of discussing the day's events around a nice warm campfire
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