5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour (page 12)

After packing up camp we were off to Palm Valley. In the route planning stage of this trip Palm Valley caught our eye in some YouTube videos so it was firmly locked in to the route. We were all quite looking forward to it
It did not disappoint. Palm Valley is a very very cool place!
Palm Valley was a great way to kick the morning off, from there it was off to Gosse Bluff where we rode into a meteor crater
This photo doesn't do the place justice. We were inside a crater from a meteor that hit over 142 million years ago. Even with millions of years of erosion, the rock walls stand impressively
From Gosse Bluff there was a fairly sizeable stretch of tarmac to our destination of Alice Springs. The interesting rock formations running parallel with the road plus the warm weather and blue sky made the ride quite enjoyable
A couple of nights were spent in Alice Springs. We had to give our bikes a bit of love with some new tyres, oil, filter etc plus get a range of other supplies and whatnot
We did our bike work at Dessert Edge where they kindly allowed us to use their car park and work on the bikes ourselves. I had to do a couple of welding repairs to a luggage rack that had come off slightly second best after enduring the fierce Australian corrugations. The manager at Desert Edge hooked me up with a mig welder and some metal stock which made life easy. A huge thanks to all the guys at Dessert Edge, really appreciate it ;)
Author of this article: RMOTO