5 Kiwis - 30 Days - The Australian Outback Tour (page 10)

We got to Curtin Springs well ahead of schedule and well ahead of the other guys. Enough time for a relaxing snooze in the shade. A buff was worth its weight in gold to keep the flies away
After regrouping with the other guys, we were off to set up camp and wind down around a camp fire
After breaking camp we were off to sink our teeth into the Finke Gorge Track on what was another day of perfect riding weather
What a day this turned out to be. Absolutely brilliant riding and the day just got better and better the further we rode!
This type of riding was something I absolutely loved about Australia. We don't really have a lot of sand tracks in New Zealand so this whole concept of long tracks primarily made up of sand was a novelty. To be fair I believe my suspension setup was the main reason why the bike handled so beautifully and made the riding so much fun. The suspension was specifically resprung for the bike load on this trip and had some custom revalving work done. It completely transformed the bike.
Sand was definitely the theme of the day. It would be fair to say that perhaps not everyone enjoyed the sand as much as I did (other than Nigel who was having a hoot blasting along on his SWM), but everyone enjoyed the day, the great scenery and the reward of completing the challenge at the end
Author of this article: RMOTO