Deep Ruts and a Miners Hut

With some tracks lined up for GPS logging and adding to RemoteMoto, three riding buddies and I shot over to the West Coast. A weather front was scheduled to push in later in the weekend but we couldn't have asked for better riding weather on the Saturday. 

Before we jumped into the technical tracks, we kicked the day off and warmed up on a nice easy track.
After a great warmup ride we sank our teeth into the good stuff
Not all of it went to plan :)
Lots of deep sections to keep you on your toes
Steepy steepy. So steep the bike looped over and my screen took the brunt of the hit
More river crossings
Day two saw the front come in and bring rain first thing in the morning. We decided to chase the sun and head east
We stayed on the right side of the front, had some good weather, a great ride around some steep tracks before stopping for some lunch at Hanmer.

Normally most of the track research I do is with topo maps and the phone to verify with landowners, local Councils, DOC etc. On this trip however I plucked one track from a 4X4 book I purchased a couple of years back. We organised the second half of Sunday to go and ride this track but, instead we hit a locked gate. I was kicking myself for relying on the book and not thoroughly researching it. But, on the other hand, it highlights the benefit of RemoteMoto being a web format and being kept up-to-date.

All in all it was a great trip, new routes and Mototokens will be going up this week.

Author of this article: RMOTO