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Contributing Articles to RemoteMoto and Getting Paid

RemoteMoto offers you a platform where you can contribute articles about adventure riding and earn money.


RemoteMoto allows adventure riders to contribute articles and get paid a share of the advertising revenue!  You get the lion’s share, 80% of the advertising profits are paid to you for your efforts. 20% is then paid to RemoteMoto to keep the wheels rolling on this great platform.


As for who this is suitable for, well, this is for anyone that enjoys sharing riding photos and stories, writing about workshop techniques, camping information, tips and tricks for fellow riders; basically any adventure riding related article you can think of.


There is so much great content being published online where the owner of the website gets financially rewarded from your efforts, but you get nothing. RemoteMoto believes you the contributor should be rewarded for your efforts so we have created a great new profit sharing platform to do just that!


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