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  • Collecting Mototokens Down South - Day 4

Collecting Mototokens Down South - Day 4

This was the fouth day of a six day trip around the South Island of New Zealand with Carl on his WR250.  My Tenere let me down at the last minute with a series of cracks around the rim but luckily I had a 701 waiting in the corner of my garage gathering dust.  Had owned it for two months and had been for four rides so it was a rush to get it ready for this 2600km trip.  As for all my trips these days I based it on the mototoken locations from RemoteMoto.  Josh has found the best locations around NZ and it's a simple matter of linking up the ones I want to do.

This trip involved a bit more seal then usual but took us to some great locations I haven't been to before.


Started of the day at a free campsite Carl new about. Can't remember the location - it was inundated with sandflies so I'm glad I won't be able to find my way back to it
Tautuku Beach
Small towns always seem to have something unique to look at
Tautuku Beach
Niagra Falls doesnt appear to get too many visitors
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