Click-N-Ride - Quick Release Turn Signals

Manufacturer's Description: Whether you're a dual sport or adventure bike rider transitioning from road to trail, or a sport bike rider prepping your bike for a track day, CLICKnRIDE Removable Turn Signals will make your life easier.

Dump your dual sport or adventure bike over in the woods and your average turn signals are likely gonna be your first casualty. Kiss this experience goodbye. The CLICKnRIDE system employs a guitar amp-style plug to enable rapid removal of their signals. 

Pull up to your local trails and remove your turn signals. The CLICKnRIDE system features a clever, integrated Moisture Guard cap to seal the system from water, mud and dirt ingress when your signals are stashed. When your signals are clicked back in, your visibility is amplified by high intensity LEDs paired with a unique 3D lens. Everything is ultrasonically welded for a completely waterproof and dustproof package. If you're tired of constantly replacing fragile turn signals, this is the system for you.

For the track day rider these removable turn signals will be one less thing that you need to tape off.

Photo 1 of Click-N-Ride - Quick Release Turn Signals
Photo 2 of Click-N-Ride - Quick Release Turn Signals

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