Cleaning and oiling motorbike air filters on the road

Over the years I've used a number of products for cleaning and oiling motorbike air filters. All of these have been petroleum-based products with an air filter cleaner paired with an air filter oil. While all of top brands of petroleum-based products cleaners and oils work well, on long trips they can be messy to deal with on the road and present challenges for where you can and can't clean your air filter.

Whether I am cleaning air filters on the road or in my workshop I always use No Toil. Not only do I love the fact that this is a non-toxic and biodegradable product, it makes cleaning air filters a simple non-messy process. This is amplified when you are in the middle of a multi-day trip and you need to clean a dirty air filter at a campsite, motel or a family/friends where there is no workshop to clean an air filter oiled with a petroleum-based product.

Cleaning an air filter that is running No Toil doesn't require toxic and smelly petroleum-based chemicals. Because of this you can clean an air filter in a motel kitchen sink without risking damage caused by caustic petroleum-based cleaning products or making the room smell like an oil refinery.

Cleaning air filters on the road made easy

Herein lies a simple solution; using No Toil can make life easier on the road when cleaning your air filter. 

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Cleaning air filters at campsites

If you are out camping and have no access to a bucket, tub or sink to clean your air filter then a backpackers camping sink is perfect for this. I have a 5 litre one that I use specifically for cleaning air filters. It packs up tiny, is lightweight and is plenty big enough to wash and clean an air filter.

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Keeping your hands clean when cleaning air filters

The last piece of the puzzle for cleaning air filters is carrying disposable rubber gloves. While No Toil maybe non-toxic and biodegradable, just like all air filter oils it is ridiculously sticky. Getting it on your hands is a nightmare so carrying a few pairs of disposable rubber gloves is essential.

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