Challenging Waters (page 3)

The run of good weather came to an end in spectacular fashion. A fairly savage front pushed through dumping rain exactly where we want to head. The photo here is a river that is normally crystal clear and very small, however it was pretty much bank to bank and chocolate brown.
This chap's holiday was rudely cut short due to a broken axle. He managed to get it sorted fairly quick though as he was gone by the time we came out a couple of days later.
This was the river we intended to cross, but there was no chance. It was well above chest height so we opted for plan B and headed elsewhere to setup camp for the night.
The next morning all the nearby rivers had barely cleared since the day before. Sight-fishing was certainly out the window and our concern was that the fish would be tucked away waiting for the river to clear rather than be out feeding. With the first couple of blind casts over likely water I managed to hook up to the first brown of the season, a fairly decent sized jack to boot. This luck was short lived however as only two more fish came to the net that day. While the fishing was tough, it was certainly an enjoyable day being waterside.
Towards the end of the day, just as we were about to head back, we had a chat with these guys who were stuck on the other side of the river and couldn't get their quads back across. Later that evening they did manage to cross but it was a sketchy crossing and they ended up drowning one of their quads.
The next day bought fairly iffy weather again but we made the most of it with a nudge along a lake shoreline. It was another tough day of fishing but two fish were bought to the net, this is Glen playing a feisty brown.
Glen patiently watching over the beat of a resident brown while one of the day's rare calm patches provided a glassy surface and allowed us to sight fish.
Author of this article: RMOTO