Challenging Waters (page 2)

While it dropped below zero overnight and it was a pretty cold start to the morning, unzipping the tent exposed beautiful blue skies and it didn't take too long for the day to warm up. Brilliant!
The view over to the Omarama Clay Cliffs from SH8.
Reference Link : Clay Cliffs
Reference Link : Clay Cliffs
Some of the many rock stacks along SH8 just south of Omarama.
Definitely the worst parking job I saw on this trip.
Heading into the old Lindis Pass Hotel
Reference Link : Lindis Pass Hotel
Reference Link : Lonely Lindis Tree
One of the overly-friendly birds while stopping for a bite to eat and a coffee at Tarras. Turn your head and these cheeky little fellas will be into your food in a flash.
Reference Link : Rocky Point Confluence
Another casual day on the bike was had. It was nice to have ample time to get to the destination and have lots of stops along the way. The final destination was my cousin’s house in Kingston.
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