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  • Central Otago Vistas January 2019

Central Otago Vistas January 2019

Meyers Pass is scenic ride which links up Waimate with Kurow. Well worth riding!
Here, my mate Dan Swan had an issue with his luggage system. The steel frame broke and we all thought that was it, game over. But no, Dan has an amazing talent when it comes to 'fixing things, making things and generally making do with what you have! He roped it all back together again and away we went. An excellent track-side repair job.
The way up the incredible Awakino Saddle
Probably the most difficult section of the Awakino Saddle. This hill surprises you; you turn a sharp right hander then it's straight into it. If you don't know what's round the corner you can hit it unprepared, like Dan here, pictured.
Further up the formidable hill...
My mate Fozzy, pictured here, he doesn't seem to be waiting for 'world peace', remarkably!
Dan Swan, pictured here at Pig Shit Inn.
Pig Shit Inn. I've never stayed the night here but would one day like to.
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