Central Otago Vistas January 2019 (page 4)

Night 2
Time to chill.
Outside our hut
This would have been my 6th time I've stayed here. I just keep coming back.
Post broken toe. Obviously pretty slow-going from here. This was before those scary river crossings. Going through this valley should have taken up less than 2 hours. Instead it took us over 8!
Now these two really nice guys saved our bacon. With us trapped in the middle of nowhere, they towed the sick WR to help start the thing after it was fully drown. Once they made sure we were sorted, they were on their way. Then, due to the broken toe, I had to continue to get both mine and Fozzy's bike across each river, and they were heaps! Once we'd forded all the rivers, on the last easy stretch out, these two guys were heading back in towing a trailer to rescue us. They figured we'd should have been out by then and at the pub! How nice was that!
We did eventually meet up with them at the Vulcan Hotel at St Bathans where we, or rather Fozzy, bought them drinks.
Camp spot, about 80 metres from Blue Lake
Blue Lake at dusk
The supposedly haunted Vulcan Hotel
The slopes of Mt St Bathans
Fraser Dam, our 3rd nights accommodation