Central Otago Vistas January 2019 (page 2)

This was my turf. I love riding here. It's just so much fun, and very fast!
One of the many crossings on the Mt Buster tops. When we came across them they were about as low as they ever get. Mint.
Fozzy on his WR450.
Our swimming spot. I can't express in words just how nice it was to swim in there on a 30° day.
Time for a damn good swim.
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The entire area is awash with first class trails.
The crossing of the Otematata River. Here seen at it's lowest flow rate. Pretty much bugger all in it!
The Ida Hut, our first nights accommodation.
I've stayed here a handful of times before; it's a great place. And, there's ZERO sand flies!
Heading down and up, down and up, down and up. This is what this epic crossing is all about. I love it.