Caberg - EGO Helmet review by omamari

I looked and looked (Pinlock AND internal sun visor?!) this helmet fulfilled my list of desires and so cheap!

Pinlock ready visor - it's brilliant! Get the occasional fog leak, but just need to reposition and make sure insert is snug. Clip down visor - Nice to have (i.e it snap fits in a lock position). LEAKS. Any heavy rain, will get a constant drip in from the top, it has a gasket seal but it doesn't seem to work. Drips run down the inside middle of the visor.

Integrated sun visor - Really handy. Comes down into position in a satisfying detent manner. Good but could be a tad darker.

Fit - find this helmet quite comfortable. Sits nicely in an upright riding position. Haven't tried at speeds +150 however.

Closure - Handy micro buckle closure easily used with cold hands and gloves.

Wind noise - not too bad. But I'd still wear earplugs at open road speeds.

Ventilation - Don't be fooled: The 'sunroof' cover is NOT truly waterproof, it leaks. But I haven't tried this out when I'm truly cold, so I haven't been that annoyed. On any rainy day the inside of the slide panel will be wet with condensation or drips from leaks. On a hot day, well, in an upright riding position, hardly any breeze flows through. In a sport bike position, very breezy. Front ventilation is next to nothing. Has the chin curtain, which when used with a balaclava can stop all breeze coming in on cold days.

Aesthetics - matt paint looks nice. Haven't had the helmet for a long period (5 months, it's looking good still)

Available in NZ - one importer sells them, nice service, fast delivery.
review by omamari