Big Sky Heights

A day blessed with warm sunny weather saw us having a fantastic ride high in the much-loved Mackenzie Country.

The three of us made our way down from Christchurch and headed off up into the hills for what was to become a fun but very tiring ride. The terrain up here is made up of loose square-edged rocks and looked and felt like it hadn't seen any vehicle activity for quite some time. This makes the terrain more technical as over time, with the wind and rain, the smaller stones get blown or swept from amongst the larger rocks, thus making the top layer of rocks extrememly loose.

A stark contrast from the previous weeks ride where we could ride with it seemingly pinned everywhere. here you really had to respect what was under your wheels. But boy was it fun!

A lesson on suspension set up was provided by Ian to both Dan and I. We were both seeing much-improved results!

One of my favorite photos I've ever taken whilst out adventure riding. Ian Ferris and Dan Swan pictured riding.
Ian giving in the beans (as usual) heading high onto the tops
Dan Swan (Gimli) with a terrific backdrop behind him.
Taking a much-needed break with 500 vertical metres still to go.
Author of this article: Stefan