Big Rocks and Big Rivers

This was an overnight trip up into the High Country with the main objective to GPS log and photograph the final section of the Wilberforce River headwaters. In the last few months all the other sections in the Wilberforce Valley area have been ridden and GPS logged however this section is hands-down the most challenging. The views up in the headwaters were absolutely worth the effort of wrestling the bikes over the large rocks and across deep rivers; this is simply an amazing place to be.

Gentle gravel roads to kick off the trip.
With snow melt underway, the rivers were higher than they had been over the last couple of months.
The river crossings near the Unknown and Wilberforce junction were a bit of a challenge.
Once we were past the junction, some well formed 4X4 tracks made it an easy task to progress about 3 km up the valley.
Once the 4X4 tracks faded away, it was back to riding virgin riverbed or remnants of tracks that have been partly washed away from previous floods.
Author of this article: RMOTO