Big Rocks and Big Rivers (page 3)

From this point we only had a short distance to go to reach the hut, but the rocks made it slow going
Finally we made it to the hut!
Later in the afternoon a group of 5 hikers arrived. Rather than pack into the hut like sardines, we decided to give them the hut and setup camp on the riverbed.
Firewood was scarce but we scrounged up enough for a nice warm fire.
Packing up the next morning and heading out.
To be fair it was easier heading down the valley than up the valley as we had already picked the best lines the day before. There were still some challenges to tackle however, this steep river bank with almost no run-up being one of them.
One of the last stops to look over the river as we picked our crossing spot before heading out of the valley.

The trip was a roaring success. Epic riding in an epic valley. An absolute ton of fun! With all the GPS logging in the Wilberforce area complete, all the information and GPX files have been bundled up in an Exploration Route with a printable booklet. You can access this information here: Wilberforce Explorer

Author of this article: RMOTO