Beta 430 RR Adventure Build

Well, in my quest to go lighter and smaller to a point I have learnt a lot. The 2018 Russian trip on the WR250R was perfect, a unicorn travel bike in my opinion.

For New Zealand conditions and close to home something with a little more hoof for the open road and general offroad ability was appealing, the Beta 430 I hope will fill this. 

This is bike number 46 for more me over 41 years of riding, as it is number 46 and made in Italy this bike is called Rossi.

Dodgy side of the road deal and pick up
Home in one piece ...happy lad

Being longitudinally challenged presents issues for guys like me, buying a tall bike does not help me.

I am not a huge fan of lowering links for this type of bike so I prefer to chop the seat down in height and re graft it to make it more comfy by taking the square edge off. 

A combo of seat work and setting the stagic sag slightly lower which equates to softer (adjusting rebound and compression to match) is how I like it.

Nothing to stop the lad taking the newie out for a skid tho. 

Does this bike make me look tall LOL?
Off like a robbers dog.
Even made it past the letterbox without dropping it.

The mission to do the seat turned out to be just that, the Beta foam being extremely dense and making hard work for the electric bread knife.

Seat off and staples out
Pulled apart ready for the drawing competition
Lines drawn, ready for the cut.
Shaved, sculptured, rounded and ready for the 10mm foam soft top.
Author of this article: Twomotokiwis