Bell - MX 9 Adventure Helmet review by Happyratcliff

Bell MX9 Adventure, a comparison to my Caberg Tourmax.
I just purchased an new helmet after using a Caberg Tourmax for the past few years.
After much web surfing and trying on of contenders I went with the Bell MX9 Adventure.

Now after a few days wearing it I thought I might give a review of the Bell and compare it with the Caberg.

The Bell is a full face and the Caberg is a modular design. The Bell is quite light, lighter than the Caberg due to less parts I suspect. The fit of both suits my head, I’m 60cm head circumference, which equated to a Large in most helmets. I needed an XL in the Bell and an L in the Caberg.

Both helmets are very good aerodynamically for peaked adventure style helmets and the bell is less likely to buffet around with my bike/screen set up.
The Caberg is quieter with less wind noise at highway speeds, a good set of earplugs (I use Zildjian plugs from a music store as they are cheaper the ones packaged “Motorcycle”) will reduce the noise in both helmets to an acceptable level.

Both have removable washable liners and both are very comfortable (for me) neither have a sunglass channel in the liner but the Caberg has a very good drop down sun visor.
Caberg has the better visor and comes with a Pinlock insert. The bell has a step at the bottom of the visor so it doesn’t distort your vision.

Both are easy to operate with a gloved hand and have visor detent stops so the visor can be left partially open for better venting the Caberg has closer set detents but the first stop of both helmets is too large and leaves a big gap.

The Bell has an advantage when adjusting/removing the peak as no tools are required.
Venting is good in both Helmets but the Bell has more flow and more room inside the chin bar for heavy breathing when the going gets hard. The chin vent on the Bell is able to be closed but all the other vents are permanently open. The Caberg has less flow but vents can be opened or closed which is better in the cold southern winters.

Fastening on the Bell is the double D-ring type and the Caberg has a quick ratchet type fastener.
So to sum up:

Comfort/Fit- Both equal
Venting - Bell
Visor – Caberg
Peak – Bell
Noise – Caberg
Aerodynamics – Both Equal

A close competition, the decider is whether you like full-face or modular and the price Bell $299 Caberg $580
review by Happyratcliff