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Anita Yusof: I Shape My World

Anita Yusof, the first woman to travel the world solo by motorcycle - Malaysian Book of Records

Anita Yusof: The First RTW Adventure

Anita Yusof first learned to ride a motorcycle in April 2012, and in 2015, after just three years’ riding experience, she embarked on her first RTW adventure she called ‘Global Dream Ride’.

At the time, she admits she lacked both the off-road riding skills and funding she really needed, but she was determined to do it anyway, “Before I go crazy, I must do something crazy first!”. The 51 year old University lecturer and mother of two grown sons, visited four continents and 40 countries over 370 days, doing over 40 000 miles (over 64 000 kms) on an FZ150.

She completed the ride in 2016 and in the same year she was invited to become the Givi Brand Ambassador.

Photo 2 of Anita Yusof: I Shape My World
Anita at the Malaysian Book of Records Presentation.
Anita Yusof, Givi Ambassador at MotoGP, Sepang.

Between Anita Yusof's personal blog, Givi's blog on Anita, and the numerous articles on the internet, she has all her travel well-documented, including a visit to New Zealand, late 2017. Sharing her adventure stories is hugely satisfying for Anita, who says she is so pleased that she has inspired others to confront their fears and step out of their comfort zone.

Photo 4 of Anita Yusof: I Shape My World
Traveling New Zealand on a GN250, 2017.
Death Valley National Park
March 29th will see the the release of Anita's new book - Global Dream Ride: Series 2. Unfortunately not available in English.

Anita Yusof - I Shape My World

Anita has recently taken part in I Shape My World, a global initiative celebrating women from across 10 countries who inspire other women through their actions.

A campaign by Levi Strauss, I Shape My World was released in conjunction with International Women's Day. The women Levi chose take risks, challenge the status quo, break rules and kick ass. It made perfect sense to me that Anita is considered one of these women given her achievements to date, although she didn't see it coming; "I was surprised that Levi's had chosen me to represent Malaysia".

If you're keen to find out what this woman will accomplish next - stay tuned to the latest news for updates!

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