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Alaska to South America: Two Moto Kiwis (page 5)

We ran outa cash and only had a fiver left so it was time to find a dutchie camp which we did, well the camp turned out to be the best site we have had thus far and it was gratis. We met a dude from Anchorage on a CT 90 who was looking around so we ended up camping together and borrowing his fire as we had an epic fail on our Coleman cooker which we have to fix.

This is his trusty steed - a less than 1000 mile old CT90. What a weapon. I suggested he keep it under the covers so the Russians don't see it.

Chitina to Anchorage

Tuesday 29th May

We woke to a nice warm morning, Ellen's good weather mojo had kicked in and life was good. We packed up and proceeded to head back to Anchorage to what was an uneventful trip with a combo of sun and a few clouds. It was a bit windy in a few places but nothing team TMK couldn’t handle.

Liberty Falls on the way out to the main road ... "vary noice!"
Check it out - what a day!
Some mirror art.

And that concludes the Anchorage to Valdez and back again trip, there will be no more reports until the next one.

Anchorage to Chugiak

Finally, we can catch up on some writing, been too busy looking out the window and riding around.

We stayed with Gary and Deb for two nights after leaving Lesley's, the first idea was to go for the Friday evening ride stay then carry on Saturday but with the D2D barbeque on it was established that we were so close we may as well stay the Saturday night as well, easy as. So Friday evening and Gary, Ellen and I went for a ride to Girdwood, Deb did come and meet us later for the return leg, neat ride and great views given we had not seen it on our Homer trip due to the snow and fog.

Saturday morning was a fix it and sort it morning and the avo was a pre D2D safety meeting with all the ADVers at Legions house, "n o i c e" view from there I might add, we organised to get Ellen’s side stand done after Greg offered to take care of it which meant we could get on the road a day earlier. Sunday morning was leisurely pack up and go to Gregs and time to say goodbyes.

Only one minute from leaving Gary and Deb's, Ellen took a turn too wide got onto the ball bearings did a tank slapper and derailed off into the veges. I saw it from my mirror, my heart slumped but all was OK luckily. A quick chat on wheel placement and we were on our way (again).

Quiet day and only a small 40 mile ride. We had been offered lodgings and a welder on Sunday to chop Ellen’s stand down another 10 mm, Beezer was going to do it Monday morning but had his hands full fixing a KLR with head problems. Beezer thanks for the offer to help mate, we really appreciated it.

We stayed with Greg and Len at their home in Chugiak, very nice place and a man cave enough to turn every petrolhead green with envy.
Greg cut another 10 mm off Ellen's stand and fizzed the base plate back on, (thanks dude). After that Greg took me out for private sitting on his treasured TT 500 and let me take it for a quick spin. Without showing my age it took me back to the good old days of kickstart and manual decompressor, for non petrolheads reading this - that is cool!!!
Big thanks to Greg and Len for having us for the night, getting the side stand sorted and providing us with a beautiful tea with huge kabab with half a chicken on each one.

Chugiak to Wasilla

Monday (4th June) we went to Wasilla to catch up with John and Brenda and Lina who we met while camping in McCarthy.

John and Brenda went to New Zealand 1982, they had a great time and always think highly for Kiwis. They said if we come up their way they’d like to host us. We got to Wasilla around lunchtime, had time to get a few things sorted for Chiwi and Hobbit (they are not high maintenance we hope).

We had great service in the motorbike shop in Wasilla at Team CC, these guys were great and looked after us, Alaska Cycle Center could learn a LOT from these guys, big thanks to Team CC.

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