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Alaska to South America: Two Moto Kiwis (page 23)

Gear Review - What is Good?

ARAI XD 4: mint, perfect for road, adv riding, keeping rain off.

The adjustable height peak making life easier, in the low sun pull in down as a sun shade, same in the rain, you can still have the front vents open in the rain with the peak down and you won’t get wet, great design.

Lift the peak up for better venting and looking at HUGE mountain tops.

The only thing I don’t like about the XD4 is having to take it off as that means we have stopped.

KLIM gear: Keeping Large Insistent Mozzies out, this gear is outstanding, the only grizzle I have is my Adventure Rally jacket does not have great inlet venting at the front so I had the two front pockets opening on the inside and meshed so I can use them for a pocket or vent, these work incredibly well now.

Across the board extremely happy with it and believe it will more than do the distance. Icebreaker, the best, nothing short of excellent whichever way you look at it. We have 100% icebreaker and for hot or cold and it is a winner, wear a t-shirt for 5 days straight, rinse and wear again without stinking, perfect adv gear for the undergrowth.

Forma ADV boot: great boots but my right-hand boot is coming apart, I wrote to Forma and nothing! Not a sausage back from them so a little disappointing to be fair.

First Gear: Ellen's Kilimanjaro jacket and TPG Escape is very good gear and very nicely cut for female riders. They are waterproof so far and Ellen loves the inner pants and they can be worn as normal pants so dual-purpose. The only complaints from Ellen is the black pants get too hot in the sun, a lighter colored pair would be just perfect.

Barkbusters: a must, nothing more to say other than they are the best. We had tortured them in New Zealand on my bikes and now Ellen has taken them to the end and back. Her last spill she went down heavily. They are straight and although looking slightly second hand from being road bashed and rashed they are still fully functional and in remarkably good condition.

Screens For Bikes: again another mint product for ADV riding, the shape and height across the board makes these very nice to sit behind.

Having a screen is a subjective topic, when it is sunny and warm you don’t want one, when it is pissing down and blowing it needs to be twice the height and width and preferable with a roof attached.

All is all they work very well and we are stoked with them.

Garmin 660: we have had trouble with my GPS sending us down goat tracks that go nowhere causing us up to 1 hrs worth of turn arounds, we have contacted Garmin and at first we given the brush off, I persisted with a stronger email and to be fair they are trying to sort it out, same GPS, same model, same firmware, same updates, same settings two vary different directions given, hopefully with the reinstalling of the new updates my will start to behave the way it should.

The Bikes: we after a big scrap (see above) with Alaska Pshyco Centre the bikes are running well, mine has a hesitation in the middle still but not enough to haul it all apart for, next service with tank off I will raise the needle a notch and think this will fill the hole.

Sargent Seats: bum saver supreme, they have softened up over the course of the travels thus have become more comfy. The shape is superb compared to the stocker shocker and after 8500 miles they are pleasure to sit on.

Hilliberg, Keron 4 GT: nothing more to say other than get one, strong, quick to put up, great space and vestibule. My only grizzle is the pegs are poorly engineered, will email Hilliberg on this and give them some suggestions.

Coleman 508B: pooed itself three weeks into the trip, still heats ok but the lower or simmer settings have gone so it is all or none.

Yoda Star Wars Chair: kids chair and my bum fits in OK, very light and looks cool as. It's compact to take on the bike, and we have the power of the force with us so that must be a good thing.

Ellens Pink Walmart Chair: looks nice and girlie, small and light and cheap which is what we want, not as cool as Yoda though.

AME Heated Grips: we are both on our second set having both sets fail within a week of each other. Love the feel and good heat but think the electronics is a bit fussy, I would recommend not six settings individually programmable but one central mounted decent switch with off, med and high on them. AME, you have nice feeling grips but I can’t help but think fussy electronics will survive the test of time, heat and vibration. Watch this space.

Safari 30 L Tanks: simply the best for the long haul, with a theoretical milage of nearly 700 km these are a must. For most of the time you could get way with less but the one time you don’t and having to push your house and contents to a petrol station would leave me wondering why.

For us it is one fuel cell, no extras or jerry cans, we have our Motion Pro fuel tap on the side to fill our cooker, perfect.

The only grizzle is the Acerbis locking fuel caps, again both of ours failed on the Dempster by causing a vacuum lock. My bike stopped right in the middle of a huge thunderstorm so I had to undo my cap to equal the pressure, they are also a sod to line up to avoid cross-threading and these have large threads! Very unimpressed with these to be honest so it is back to the standard caps.

Happy Trails Highway Pegs: best $50.00 you will spend (other than on booze), to be able to rest the legs in a new position, also opens your trouser leg for venting on the hot days. Very happy with these to say the least.

Delis Tools LED marker lights: through Delis Tools (bro). Visibility is king and many people have commented on these, they are not driving lights, just marker lights on our Barkbusters and they are visible from a long way past the DR candle.

Kincrome Cases: (the big visible yellow ones) these are great cases for strength, the full length hinge we believe is stronger than the Pelicans at two hinges. They are waterproof at this stage, all cases have had a beating so far and they are standing up well.

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis