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Adventure Screen - Final Stages

Being so busy with RemoteMoto development meant many things were accumulating on the to-do list. One of those things was finalising the moulds and templates for the production version of the adventure screens I ride with. With a small break in the chaotic schedule it was time to make it happen. The main goal for this screen build was to produce an aluminium coloured dash simply to see how it would look as the proposed material for the dash is CNC laser cut and folded sheet aluminium.

Photo 1 of Adventure Screen - Final Stages
Out with the plugs and moulds
Photo 2 of Adventure Screen - Final Stages
Forming the brace
Photo 3 of Adventure Screen - Final Stages
The final screen in place
Photo 4 of Adventure Screen - Final Stages
The fiberglass dash painted the colour of aluminium to see how it will look when fabricated in alloy.

Personally, I prefer the black colour for the dash but the alloy dash will provide a more robust option and make it easier to mount the dash items as fiberglass can prove fiddly to cleanly drill large diameter holes. Next step, gear up for alloy dash production�
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