Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques

Producer's Description: “Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques” starts with the fundamentals covered in our first DVD and expands them into more difficult terrain. We start by outlining the technique in theory, before explaining drills that can cement the right habits with practice. Then we tackle a number of specific trail situations, before winding up with some epic and scenic riding in the high Colorado Mountains.

The drills focus on: Improving control use and timing, Advanced Cornering, Using the suspension to help with difficult terrain, When to carry momentum - when to avoid it

Specific situations we address include: Ledges, Roots, Berms, Rock gardens, Sidehills, Ruts, 2-Up, Stream crossings, Bailouts for tough spots, Energy conservation

The goal for this DVD is to help people who want to venture further off the beaten path to gain comfort with skills that can help the miles and smiles come easier. When taken together with the first DVD, there’s enough to practice for years to come.

Approximately 60 minutes running time.

Photo 1 of Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques DVD