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A Snowy Run Through Arthurs Pass

I was updating an article on building motorbike snow chains when I came across a handful of photos that have never been published so I thought I'd throw them up. These photos are from 2010 when I was riding from Lake Kaniere back to Christchurch via Arthurs Pass.

Not long after leaving Lake Kaniere and hitting SH73 the snow started to fall quite intensely
Once I started hitting the steeper sections near Otira I started losing traction so I pulled over to fit the snow chains
While fitting the snow chains, it didn't take long to get a blanket of snow over the bike
After a nice hot coffee and a pie from the Wobley Kea I departed Arthurs Pass Village and did not see a soul until reaching Castle Hill
At some points where the snow was thick, it was hard to pick where the road was. There were no vehicle tracks to follow so I stuck to the centre
Lake Pearson
Just out from Castle Hill a snowplough driver was counting his lucky stars. He slid backwards and was very close to going over the edge. Having a quick chat with the driver, one snowplough had already slid off the road near Otira, so too had a 4X4
I didn't reach home till around 7 p.m. meaning this trip took over 10 hours. I can't complain, it was an absolutely brilliant ride with outstanding snowy scenery around every corner
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