2017 RemoteMoto Format

RemoteMoto recently shifted to a free format with the aim to use advertising to pay for the website operating costs. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work.

I put in huge amounts of time and effort trying to make the free format work aiming to ensure everyone involved wins including RemoteMoto, the advertisers and the adventure riders. The simple truth is however, New Zealand is so small and combined with adventure riding being such a niche hobby, there simply isn’t enough support from the advertisers to even come close to covering operating costs.  

RemoteMoto provides such high quality content on such a feature rich website, the operating costs mean there are only two options moving forward:  

1 - Shut down RemoteMoto entirely
2 - Reinstate the subscription model

For over eight years now RemoteMoto has grown into the best South Island route planning resource for adventure riders. I am confident that anyone that has used RemoteMoto would consider it a crying shame if it was shut down and lost. For this reason there is no option other than RemoteMoto shifting back to a subscription model to keep this great resource running.

Is this a failure? Well you could certainly look at it like that. Another way to look at it is that most successes come as a result of learning from previous failures. I would like to think this is one of those cases.             

Aside from a number of planned website upgrades, this summer sees me on the road with the objective to GPS log all of the remaining South Island routes and setting the final Mototokens. Additionally there will be a major shift into organising RemoteMoto adventure riding events. I am so passionate about adventure riding and RemoteMoto that I am committed to making the RemoteMoto website a success and providing adventure riders with the best route planning resource available.

RemoteMoto has now reverted to a subscription model.  For those that have previously paid a subscription, your subscription has not only been honoured, it has been extended all the way until October 2018 (12 months). Additionally you will have free entry to an upcoming organised RemoteMoto adventure ride. This is a way to show you my appreciation for your support.

Thanks for your understanding

Josh Martin (RMOTO)