About RemoteMoto

About RemoteMoto

RemoteMoto is a website built specifically for adventure riders and dual sport riders. The focus is providing information for those who enjoy packing up their bikes and heading off into remote places to have an epic adventure.

About RemoteMoto

The information provided on RemoteMoto is wide and varied which is perfect for riders who enjoy easy scenic rides through to technically challenging terrain; from day rides through to round the world travel. RemoteMoto is for anyone who has a strong passion for adventure riding.

What sets RemoteMoto apart from other publications is that the content comes from genuine riders like you. When riders contribute articles and routes to RemoteMoto, they are financially rewarded. In fact, 80% of the money generated from RemoteMoto is paid directly to the contributors. If you want to get paid for sharing your adventure riding knowledge, experiences and routes with the adventure riding community, then click here to read about the Contributors Program.

The People Behind RemoteMoto

RemoteMoto is built and maintained by riders with a strong passion for adventure riding.

Josh Martin - Adventure Routes
Josh Martin

The founder of RemoteMoto, Josh Martin, has had been a motorbike nut since he was 10 years old. From motocross bikes spawned his passion for mixing adventure riding, camping and fly fishing. Josh has dedicated the last 10 years to logging GPX files for adventure riders and perfecting the route sharing system where riders can share routes and get paid. He also spends a lot of time sharing ride reports and workshop articles as he enjoys tinkering on his bikes in the workshop when he is not out riding.

Jessie Meek - Adventure Articles
Jessie Meek

Since learning how to string letters of the alphabet together in the right order, Jessie has been an avid writer. Her first work, self-published at age 7, was "The Rabbit News" - an entertaining and comprehensive paper filled with all things relevant to the rabbit community. There were feature articles; updates on the newly-formed rabbit bob-sleigh team; bunny personal profiles, and the latest political scandals from the warren. Despite the compelling nature of the content, the first edition bombed for reasons unknown, with only one copy sold to a family member.

In recent years, Jessie has written material for various media platforms including mainstream motorcycling magazines. She also enjoyed several years working in the motorcycle industry, which introduced her to many new friends and new styles of riding. Naturally enthusiastic, Jessie has tried everything from road and race, to sidecars and trials. Since adventure riding caught her interest, she has acquired the use of a TTR250 and is looking forward to improving her skills so she can enjoy remote overnight camping adventures.

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Lyndon Poskitt - Races to Places
If you are considering an adventurous tour of the South Island then you must check out This is the site I used to plan my journey, the most comprehensive site of its type I have ever seen and well and truly gets my vote. Everything from easy gravel tracks to real challenging terrain all for the taking. Highly recommend.
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Phil Hodgens - Motorbikin
I use RemoteMoto as a tool for planning my New Zealand DVDs. A truckload of routes and sound information on this website. Hard to beat it for sorting a great route of New Zealand. It gets two thumbs up from me.
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James (JATZ) - NZ Adventure Rider
I have been using RemoteMoto for quite a while now when planning trips around the South Island. The GPS files are easy to use and the route descriptions and grading are absolutely first class. I've found the reviews on tyres and gear to be accurate and helpful when looking for new kit. A great resource site for anyone who wants to get off the beaten track.
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Rick Ratcliff - NZ Adventure Rider
What a great resource for adventure riders, masses of track information, photos and great reviews from the riders who use it. As a remotemoto rider I've had ton of fun collecting Mototokens and checking out a lot of places I may not have gone to without the use of the excellent website information. New or old hand at riding I thoroughly recommend joining up to you won't regret it.