EXCITING NEWS for RemoteMoto users

RemoteMoto is going global with the North Island being the next area to comprehensively GPS log.

The South Island was primarily logged by me but because it is such a costly and time-consuming process to do it solo, it simply isn't viable to do the North Island this way. The North Island will be the first area to use the newly released global approach.

What is even better news, this will be totally FREE for you to use :)

The RemoteMoto route planning map is being split into areas that will be managed by “RemoteMoto Area Managers”. For New Zealand, the South Island and the North Island are two separate areas. The exciting thing about this is, RemoteMoto has clever new tools that allow you to upload routes to the North Island in just a few minutes, PLUS we will pay you! This is part of the new format to fast-track quality route content for the North Island.

As for the South Island, this too will be making the transition to a free format. This will be a lengthy process due to the format differences and the large number of routes logged. It will likely take up to 12 months.

Regarding the valued South Island paid subscription members, feel rest assured you will be looked after in this transition process. Your subscription will be honoured with all the subscription privileges right through till its expiry date. You will have uninterrupted access to all of the premium routes plus exclusive access to the Exploration Routes. If the transition process is completed in less than 12 months, you will be offered a refund for the remaining balance of your subscription. This transition will be handled with integrity to ensure your support of RemoteMoto is acknowledged and respected.

So what does this all mean in a nutshell? RemoteMoto is moving to a FREE format that will provide the adventure riding community with a fantastic free route planning resource PLUS, we will pay riders for quality routes. Additionally there is an opportunity for someone to become the North Island area manager and generate an income from the adventure riding industry.

After months of intense development to get this new format up and running, I am extremely excited about releasing this new format for you! Thanks again for your support of RemoteMoto, here’s to the future for offering North Island riders the same comprehensive level of route planning content as the South Island.

Shiny side up

Josh – RMOTO