About RemoteMoto

What is RemoteMoto?

RemoteMoto is a website specifically designed to supply all the key information for adventure riders that seek to explore remote locations. It houses articles on adventure bike building, tyre selection, gear preparation, rider preparation right through to a comprehensive route map which allows you to discover new areas and plan your next epic adventure.

Is it free to use?

Everything on RemoteMoto is free to view including the Route Maps. If however you want to get access to the first-hand detailed information on a route then the route needs to be unlocked. RemoteMoto points are used to unlock routes, once unlocked you will get full access to the route's:

  • General information
  • Access information (including land owners contact details for private access routes)
  • Terrain information
  • Bike requirements and recommendations
  • Downloadable GPS file(s)
  • Downloadable PDF file(s)
  • Cautions and safety information
  • Route specific updates
  • Rider reviews
  • Rider photos
  • Features along the route such as camping, huts, fuel stops, attractions etc

How do I join RemoteMoto?

You can join RemoteMoto as a Member or a Rider. Joining as a Member is more of an under-the-radar style of account where you can join and get access to all the information without being in the public eye. Joining as a Rider is more of a social style of account where you can contribute ride reports, reviews and photos to be published on the RemoteMoto website PLUS you will be rewarded with RemoteMoto Points for your contributions.

Why does it cost to unlock routes?

The simple answer is that a website resource of such high quality, large size and high labour overheads costs money to run; because of this it's impossible to offer it for free. The good news is most routes are available to you for around the average price of 50 cents which when you think about what was involved with the initial riding and GPS logging of the route, photographing it, loading it to the website, maintaining up-to-date information plus the actual cost of building and running the website; 50 cents is chump change. Let's say you use RemoteMoto to cherry pick and string together 30 cracking routes, you can create a simply epic adventure ride for around $15. That is outstanding value for money! When you consider the hundreds (and often thousands) of dollars involved with a single adventure ride such as food, fuel, accommodation, tyres, oil, general mechanical needs PLUS your valuable time; a mere $15 is an insignificant amount to guarantee a great route and a great time.

Should I buy a route planning book or join RemoteMoto?

There are some indisputably great books on adventure riding however the bonus of RemoteMoto is that you get access to a far larger database of routes with more in-depth information at a far better price. Another thing to keep in mind is that RemoteMoto is continually updated. Once you unlock a route in RemoteMoto it remains in your account for you to view without an expiry date PLUS you get free access to any updates and additions to that route. For example if a new camping spot was added to a route you have already unlocked, you get access to that camping spot for free!

Is this only South Island based?

RemoteMoto is an exciting new website as a result of over eight years of development and has been cleverly structured to support multiple countries. It achieves this by using an adventure rider with an intimate knowledge of their country/state to become a RemoteMoto Area Manager and upload routes for a particular country or state. Currently, Josh Martin (the creator of RemoteMoto) is New Zealand's South Island area manager who is actively uploading South Island routes with the estimated completion time by the end of 2014. Within this period and rolling into 2015 RemoteMoto will be seeking and working with area managers worldwide to expand the scope of RemoteMoto.

New Zealand's South Island area manager Josh Martin out logging new routes for RemoteMoto
New Zealand's South Island area manager Josh Martin out logging new routes for RemoteMoto